To be honest i was not decisive when it came to what i was going to write for this message because all the topics i had in mind were not speaking to me
When i least expected i had an encounter with God at church and i immediately knew what i had to write

I had a question in my mind for a while which was “Do people fully heal from past trauma?”
This question was triggered by past wounds resurfacing each time a similar incident happened to me . I felt defeat each time those feelings came back because I would tell myself several times that “I am healed”. You can imagine the pain of thinking you are done with something only for it to come back in those moments that you feel like everything is going well .

What angered me the most is that I had told God but still the feelings kept resurfacing . I would wonder how is He the healer if i am still in the same pain that i was in years ago .

During the Easter celebrations, a preacher came and talked about wounds that can be healed by Jesus . That is when it struck me ,Jesus is truly the healer but ONLY TO THOSE WHO SEEK HIM !!!! I laughed at myself a little because there I was straying away from God but expecting Him to be my healer . That equation does not match up at all . Those who want help seek the help they need . Therefore, if we live in the world straying away from God the devil will attack. He will attack you when you do not have your armor and lead you into a trap making you feel inferior and unworthy.

Although He is our healer it is allowed to seek help from people around us . Finding someone to talk to it might be a professional or a mere friend but at the end of the day we should seek the Almighty God who can fully heal us . Matthew 5 verse 4 says Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
I assure you that whoever goes to God will be comforted in those times of pain (the resurfacing of wounds)

Continue to seek God because at the end of the day He is our only Healer who can close the wounds the moment we stray the Devil is at bay

By Leanne Paswera

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