Illustration by Darya Semenova

Written by Evans Muchemedzi

I have grown to know that the biggest disappointments in life come from people we have given valuable tags in our lives just because of what we think they are not who they really are. Giving someone the friendship tag, family(fam) or besty to mention a few inclines us naturally to expectations. But knowing someone for a very long time doesn’t make them a brother, a sister or anything closer it makes them people you have known for a long time. Even God has known Satan for countless millenniums even associated but his tag doesn’t change(the deceitful one).
Today I hope i find you well. I want to reach out on keeping the right name tags and the spiritual effects that come along with association with those we tag in our lives.

Let us all normalize giving people name tags like classmates, groupmates, churchmates, school mates, relatives, acquaintances, workmates and many more. Keeping the right name tags should help you understand the level of reliability and lenience you should give and expect from such people. People do not change. They just have momentary steps outside their true characters. Knowing who they are helps you avoid disappointments and unnecessary pain. Jesus talks about “Not giving the bread of the children of Israel to dogs” when the woman with hemorrhage wanted salvation, he also talks about “Not throwing your precious pearls to pigs for they will trample their foot on them”
Who are dogs, who are pigs ?
Take them in this sense to be people who may seem to need our help but do not belong to the group we call family. Once we help them they will just be merry and leave us after they are full and come back again when need arises
Or maybe in time they may stamp their feet on our kind efforts to help and throw all that away and not remember.
All these acts bring nothing but disappointments to us who would have given up our pearls and bread of our hard work to give those who do not deserve or appreciate fully our gifts or help. In all this we’re to learn and master the art of association and naming of people around us

What does association with the wrongly tagged bring into our lives ???
I will take you back to the Old Testament. Way before your family name was even there😂
I will go to the story of Jonah. He was sent to go and preach the word of God in a distant country but he didn’t want to obey God because of reasons known only to himself. He took a ship that went otherwise and God sent a mighty storm to wreck the boat he was in. Mind you there was only one whale to save Jonah not 10 or so of those who were in the ship. Past that, Jonah never told anyone what he had done to God or any spirit that he had offended. He got into the ship and laid on the lower deck and slept even during the storm. Those who were in the ship but had done nothing were busy fighting the storm amd praying to their Gods for help but the fact that they were in association with someone who had to be punished the storm could not streamline and wreck a tiny part of the ship. What did they do?
They started gambling and throwing dies to see who was to be blamed. They knew there was someone to blame for their misfortune yes because bad things don’t just happen to no cause but in all this they did not consult or assume Jonah because well maybe he had paid an amount of money so they respected his wealth who knows. When all had failed they called him to tell him all wasn’t well then he confessed. You know how the story then went.
What’s in it for us. This life be it friendship, relationships or family people are now scary and full of secrets(dark ones too). Our association with people means we associate with their spirits. Karma you call it is faithful but problem is you’re part of the people you associate with’s happiness so when it comes to happiness being taken away from them are you not going to be taken away too???

Always know and try to learn the people you mingle with. Their past life, their present sins and understand their methods otherwise you end up being in their karma.
Take the ship to be the bread of Israel Jonah(the dog) was given, now those who had given Jonah the ride were in association troubles because of sharing their bread with the wrong dog.
Do you think during the time of Noah the children were asked if they wanted to make the Ark or it were the parents? But just because their parents said no they had to be flashed out. Do you think there were no children in sodom and gomorah ? But sulphur came and only lot and family survived
Some associations we don’t choose but on those we choose let us learn and try to choose wisely. The human eye can’t see but God can. Let us pray for God’s strength and sight to see who is the dog or the pig.


Poetic Herald · December 6, 2021 at 10:43 am

Very insightful and well written

Anotida Cheryl Hunyanyiwa · December 6, 2021 at 10:47 am

This is a whammy, more of an unexpected thunderclap.
Thank you for this…We tend to exercise the tad of ignorance we have yet we need a constant reminder of what we must do to do not focus on tags but on what matters in common relationships.

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