illustration by Mathieu Beaulieu

Before I tell you what I have for this week, I’d like you to think back to when you were in primary school. Do you recall that special little boy or girl whom the teacher adored? Did you note how harshly the teacher chastised her for making the same faults as you? Even if you failed more often than they did, they were always thrashed? Oh yeah, I was one of those students, and when you go through something like that, you start to despise the teacher, and it’s all because you don’t fully understand why. Looking back, it’s only after you’ve passed that stage that you’ll be glad for all the nudges you’ve been given, since only then can you completely appreciate and comprehend what you’ve been through. If we dig deeper, we’ll discover that the teacher had higher expectations for you than for anybody else. As a result, disappointing them is a physical blow to them.

Do you know which path is the simplest to take? It’s the one you’re used to. You are unaffected by it; you are so accustomed to it that you can walk down the street with your eyes closed. Here’s the thing: if you ask God for assistance, you should expect the unexpected. God is interested in helping you become the finest version of yourself possible. And believe me when I say that it isn’t easy.

This week, I watched a video in which the words “once you ask God for help with something, it will not come to you the way you want it to, it will present a challenge” were spoken. Because, let’s face it, have you ever seen something decent at a low price?

‘I can’t carry on, there’s nothing left for me.’ ‘God is being so cruel to me.’ Bro please, God isn’t finished with you yet. You wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning if He was. Whenever you experience a setback or when life throws mud in your face, your mind will tell you that it is permanent. But, surprise, surprise! Your altitude is determined by your attitude throughout that particular season. Keep your damn head up!

Will you live a life of defeat as a result of seasonal setbacks? Someone had it a lot worse than you, but guess what? They didn’t give up. It is far too easy to sulk, lie in bed, and cry about a situation; after all, anyone can do it. What would you be like then, compared to a 4-year-old crying over a broken toy? Do you want to know what sets us apart? It’s how you react to anything life throws at you. The battle isn’t done yet!


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