illustration by anastasija

As young people, we are constantly pressured to be this or that. People are uploading happy photographs on social media, making it unacceptably difficult to be gloomy or anything less. Remember that life does not come with a manual on how to navigate it. Be gentle with yourself because this is your first time going through this ‘life’ thing. With the facts you have, you’re doing the best you can.

We usually have our lives mapped out in advance. We plan on getting into this good college after high school, graduating, finding a job, getting married, and living happily ever after. What’s more, guess what? God’s plans are not the same as ours. He incorporates your purpose into his strategy. It’s okay if you don’t make it to university or if you don’t get the job you trained for. Our life’s to-do lists must be ripped up! The list is accompanied by some sort of anticipation, and we all know how damaging expectations can be. Instead, trust God with whatever plan He has for you so that you can clap for someone else when what you planned for your life happens to them. You are able to rejoice alongside them rather than being envious of them. Yours is on its way! God provides exactly what you need, even if it isn’t what you want, at the right time. He never misses a deadline; he is always on time.

‘However, how do I keep from feeling envious when it’s all I see when I turn on my phone in the morning?’ Do you recall the FOMO message? The belief that others are having more fun, living better lives, or doing more exciting things than you. All of these emotions stem from a profound sense of envy, which causes anxiety. Envy is a dissatisfied or heated craving triggered by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or good fortune. To overcome this, you have to pray to be content where you are and serve the season you are in since you will need to be content for wherever God leads you next. You may be in a pit, but a palace will be waiting for you soon. You are not behind; in fact, you are just where you should be.

At times it gets harder, it feels unfair but muscle is formed by continually lifting things that are designed to weigh us down, so on those days when your shoulders feel heavy, you got to stand up straight and lift your chin, call it a workout. Remember that you will survive, remember that you are never ever given something that you cannot manage.


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