If anyone asked you right this moment what your purpose in life is what would be your response?

We, as humans, are born into this world with no idea who we are (identity), where we came from (origin), why we are here (meaning), what we should live for and how we should live (purpose), or where we are going (destiny). So, what is the point of life? Love, wealth, and happiness are all things that people strive for. Self-improvement. Insight. Service. Influence. These are the most popular insights and basically what most of us live for, although some of these viewpoints are biblically valid, may life have a deeper meaning?

So, suppose all the above are true meanings of life’s purpose, then what would it make of other people? Stillborn babies, national disaster victims etc, would we then say that their lives were meaningless? Countless times a successful person has reached the pinnacle of their profession and announced that their accomplishments are worthless. That’s because there is a deeper need that success does not seem to satisfy. Your life’s purpose does not revolve around how much money you make (chasing the paper), how influential you are or how famous you are.

‘Each day of our lives we find ourselves working for a better tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, again we work for a better tomorrow!’

So how do we define purpose?

“A person’s sense of resolve (to decide firmly on a course of action) or determination”.

An understanding of what our purpose in life is, shapes our lives. A practical example – ever watched Indian dramas? In most scenarios, children are born already betrothed to one another and as they grow, they are taught that their purpose is to be a good wife/husband to a certain person. What they do in turn is try to know their ‘partner’, by so doing fulfilling what they deem their ‘purpose’ in life.

According to the Christian faith, the true meaning of life is found in Jesus Christ. Identity, birth, sense, intent and destiny are all answered with profound hope in his presence. Our heavenly Father created us to represent His greatness, walk in His grace, and do His will in our lives, as we are His beloved ones. God has a plan for and of our lives on a personal level. According to Ephesians 2:10, “10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

So how do we bring to light the purpose of our lives? Praying is the most effective method. It might sound like a cliché (always being told to pray about something) but truth being told, only God can reveal your purpose in life. Our God does speak to us, all we need to do is to shut out all distractions and listen to Him. We should pray that God will reveal His plan for our lives. When we do so, we must pay attention to what He has to say. We should check the Scriptures to see if what we believe we hear God say is in fact biblical. God would not lead us in a way that is inconsistent with His character or His name.

What God wants, what he has in mind, what his intentions and plans are, and what he pleases provide the foundation for our purpose in life. As the Life Giver, He has a specific purpose in mind. Nothing would be able to stop him from carrying out his plan.

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