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Meditation is the most important key in Christian growth. However, when the word ‘meditation’ is mentioned, Christians sometimes have visions of half-naked ‘gurus’ sitting crossed-legged chanting mantras. Can you imagine King David sitting crossed-legged and chanting? Surely this is not what he meant when he tells us to meditate on the Word of God day and night (Psalms 1:2).

But what does the bible say about meditation:

Bible Definition of Meditation

What then exactly is Christian meditation? In normal usage, the word ‘meditation’ speaks of the silent thinking upon an object or thought. From a study of the Bible, we can take note that there is a clear teaching that the act of meditation is not necessarily silent. In the Old Testament, there are several Hebrew words for the word ‘meditate’ but the main word is the word ‘hagah’ which literally means ‘mutter.’ ‘Hagah’ has been translated ‘mutter’ twice (Isaiah. 59:3; 8:19), ‘meditate’ six times (Joshua. 1:8; Psalms. 1:2; 63:6; 77:12; 143:5; Isaiah. 33:18). It has also been translated ‘speak’ four times (Psalms. 35:28; 37:30; 115:7; Proverbs. 8:7), ‘talk’ once (Psalms. 71:24) and ‘utter’ once (Job 27:4). It can be noted from these Scriptures that meditation does indicate the use of the mouth as an instrument to mutter or speak God’s Word. Moreover, when we read God’s Word silently, we are only using our eyes to take in God’s Word; but when we read God’s Word aloud, we are using our eyes to read, our mouths to speak and our ears to hear. Three instead of one of our senses are actively taking in God’s Word.

At this point many may ask “what’s the purpose of meditating on THE WORD OF GOD?”

Meditation we can take it as the meals that we take every day, we need the food to keep the physical body energised and be able to carry out whatever task we have to do. So meditating on God’s word Is feeding the spirit man than we normally refer as the inner man.

The spirit man is the one that provides a direct link between GOD and the physical being. If the spirit man is not well fade surely it will not perform its duties well in the spirit realm just as your physical body will fail to perform when you are starving.

Feeding the physical body is a process and has stages and is a continuous process so as meditating on God’s word. To enjoy a meal fully you need the sense of smell for the aroma of the food, sense of taste to enjoy taste of the food and the eyes to see what you are eating so that your appetite is triggered. So when meditating / feeding the spirit man it’s a process as well you need to utilise as many senses as possible to take in the word of GOD! It is through meditation on the word of GOD that brings the presence of JESUS into your spirit man.

The Presence of Jesus in the Spirit Man

The main key to success in the Christian life and in the fulltime ministry is meditation on the Word of God. Paul in writing to the Romans said that he served God with his spirit (Rom. 1:9). He wrote to them about the mighty signs and wonders which God wrought through him by the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom. 15:18, 19). God’s Spirit worked through Paul’s spirit to accomplish the mighty works of God. If Paul’s spirit was weak, God’s omnipotent and powerful Spirit would have been hindered. In Ephesians 3:16, Paul prayed for the Ephesians to be strengthened in their inner man. The inner man is obviously the spirit man. The spirit man needs strengthening. The spirit man can be refreshed through Christian fellowship (1 Cor. 16:18; 2 Cor. 7:13). A strong spirit man will mean a strong channel for God’s Spirit. The strength of a chain is the strength of its weakest link. We are all vessels of God. The power and presence of God demonstrated in our midst is dependent not on Him, for He is ever willing to demonstrate His presence and fullness in our midst, but in the ability and strength of our spirits to be channels and instruments of His presence and power.

The grace and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is within our spirits (Galatians 6:18; 2 Timothy 4:22). A weak spirit would convey a weak presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. A strong and well-nourished spirit man would convey a strong presence and manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing wrong with our Lord Jesus Christ or with the Holy Spirit when a Christian manifests a weak presence of Jesus in his life; but rather there is something wrong or amiss in his spirit man – undernourishment!

Meditating and acting upon the Word guarantees success in the Christian life and in the ministry (Joshua 1:8). Christians need to understand afresh the truth of meditation. Just because the devil stole a principle and twisted it to evil does not mean that there is no genuine principle. The counterfeit is an imitation of the true one. Meditation started in the Word of God and the principle has been twisted and used to open doors for the devil to control and possess people’s lives. We are exhorted to meditate day and night (Psalms 1:2). We are to talk of God’s Word when we sit down, when we walk, when we lie down and when we rise up (Deut. 6:7). The Israelites were told to bind them to their hands and have them as frontlets before their eyes – a symbol of taking and acting God’s Word out in their daily lives, and a symbol of visualizing the Word every day (Deut. 6:8). God’s Word makes it clear that meditation on the Word is an everyday affair.


Meditation is not a short cut to growth. It is a steady and sure way of growing spiritually. You may not notice your growth day by day but in the long run you will notice a mark change and difference in your life and ministry. If a small boy wants to grow a beard, he can strain and groan all he wants to but he will not produce a whisker or a goatee. All the boy has to do is to eat properly and in time he will naturally grow a nice looking goatee if he likes one. In the same manner, sometimes Christians strain and struggle to produce certain spiritual results in their lives but all to no avail. If they would only patiently feed their spirits, the production of spiritual results would come automatically as a side effect. No man struggles to produce a beard, it grows naturally. No man can produce spiritual results by carnal methods; it comes naturally supernaturally as a result of the growth of the spirit man.

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Written by Levine Murira

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