illustration by by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Where I’m from, we don’t have thanksgiving to mark the beginning of the Christmas season, instead we look at retail stores and you’ll know it’s Christmas season when you walk into the stores and you see Christmas trees, decorations, and hear Christmas melodies et el and that kind of sets you in the mood for the Christmas season. Just recently, because of the psychological effect of the music and decorations, I was chilling, letting my mind wander as I listened to some Christmas music on YouTube. Familiar songs were playing on my playlist, but I wasn’t paying all that much attention to them until I heard the song, “Mary did you know?”. I was Immediately intrigued, and l put the song on repeat to fully understand the message behind

So, the song wonders whether Mary knew in advance the way that her son’s life would unfold. The lyricist of today asks Mary of yesterday prompting us to imagine Mary beholding her newborn yet Divine Son and asking if she knew the eventual significance and salvation her son, Jesus Christ, would have for mankind and the miracles He would perform. After hearing the song, I couldn’t help but ask myself like,” Kelvin do you know? Do I know what is inside of me? Do l know the significance of what is in inside of me. Despite what you may think of or believe the Lord has placed something inside of you, In His time He will glorify His name through you. Just like Mary, it may be painful, but greatness is inside of you.

Mary didn’t fully understand what the future held or ho her innocent Son would die for sinful people, but we can look back and read about it. The trouble is sometimes we forget. We forget how He calmed a fierce storm with His words and, instead, think He can’t handle our problems. We forget He created the world, think about that and, instead, try to drown Him out. We forget He delivered us by grace and, instead, let guilt and feelings of inadequacy overwhelm us. We do know who Jesus is. But do our actions show it?

Whatever we’re going through, Jesus knows about it. And unlike other religions of the world, He is with us. He’s not in a tomb. He is in us and for us! Hebrews 7:24–25 says Jesus is ever interceding on our behalf. That alone should embolden us to hold fast to our confession of faith in Him. We can have immovable, unshakable confidence that He will steady us, strengthen us, and calm every storm. He will be our Anchor, our steadfast hope, on the rolling tides and crashing waves. He will see us safely through the storm and guide us to our destination.

God is there to help you when you need it. God is cheering you on. God is in your corner. God has your back. The rhetoric of Romans 8:31 doesn’t mean that we literally have no enemies. At times, people will oppose us. More profoundly, in this life, we are in a spiritual battle with sin and the powers of darkness. So, yes, there are forces that are against us. But, when we consider the fact that God is on our side, the power of our enemies shrinks in comparison. We have no need to fear because the very Creator of the universe is backing us up.

Think of those trying so hard to find the power of God for their lives; seeking method after method for unleashing God’s power but never quite able to pick the lock behind which the power of God must surely reside. Finally, in frustration they quit, assuming that somehow the power is too elusive, meant for some select few, or for people in the distant past, or only accessed through some method they cannot figure out. If only they knew.

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