Illustration by Tristan Kromopawiro

If ever we were to put our ‘thank you’ cards on a scale together with the complaint cards, which side would be heavier? Ever noticed how when we are given bad service for an hour and great service for a whole month all we do is remember the one hour of suffering? In a way, that has become normal, and a part of us.

There was a time that I was on the road, and boy the transport delayed me!! A 45-minute journey translated to a 2 hour 35-minutes journey. Honestly, when in such a situation, all you think about is complaining. And it actually seems everything else drags when you are in a hurry. So I complained, basically the whole journey, and I just kept on asking the ‘why’ question. Basically, my whole day had been ruined according to me and I did not even for a second stop to thank God for the safe journey that I had. When I finally got to my destination, I realised that the event I was so eagerly rushing for had been postponed to 1400 hrs. Waiting is not the worst thing that can happen to someone but in that moment, I sort of understood why my journey had been delayed. Apart from this story, I am sure most of us have heard of the man at the bus top. This man is left by the bus (he also was late) but when later on he gets transport and catches up with the bus, he realises that the bus had an accident not so many kilometres after his bus top.

All I am trying to put across is that, we should trust God and be grateful in whatever situation we are in. Whatever life throws at us, we should trust that the one who created us, has already gone before us and He knows what is best for us. Gratitude does not only apply to God, but to those who surround us. A simple thank you gives those around us the energy to continue doing whatever good they are doing in our lives, it’s a pat on the back to give you a morale boost.
At times, all you need to take you to the next level is a little gratitude and remember that ‘A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles!‘


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