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Let me be honest with you, I thought Grace was the most overrated word Christians would use until I got to understand it. I watched the Grace Like a Flood Sermon series by Pastor Mike Todd sometime in 2019 and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

This concept Is one that’s very near and dear to my heart, one that I grabbed on to so tightly and boy am I happy to share this from my point of view.

Grace comes from the Greek word “charis” which means favour, blessing or kindness. We can all extend grace to others but when the word Grace is in connection with God it has a powerful meaning.

Grace is God choosing to bless us rather than a curse us as our sin deserves.

I’m sure everyone loves gifts; they make us feel loved and seen, at times the price tag doesn’t even matter because it’s a gift (I hope you feel my emphasis).

So, imagine getting a gift each and every day for no reason at all, pretty exciting right? But you’d slowly start to see those gifts as nothing since they’ll be a norm to you, so you turn not to appreciate them as much forgetting how Important those they are.

That’s how it is with Grace, God constantly gifts us his Grace each and everyday but we don’t see it because we’re used to it now.

How many times do we sin (knowingly) and ask for forgiveness or not at all? I’m sure a bunch of times, but after that God still blesses us. Is not that surreal?

God continues to forgive us every day, because of how much he loves us. Let’s be real here, If God really wanted to use his powers, he would strike us out anytime we crossed the line but we are still here alive and well.

Something you’ve heard 100 times:

God gave up his one and only Son, so that our sins could be forgiven 

The way I interpret it:

God gave up the thing that he loved the most, so that I could sit on my couch watch TV with no worries about the sin I committed 5mins ago.

“For God so loved the World that he gave up his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”- John 3:16

I hope that found a way to your heart because God loves us this much, that he would want us to live with no bondages.  If that’s not absolute Grace I don’t know what is.

Let’s start to embrace God’s Grace and not to take advantage of it. What a beautiful site it is to take notice of the beauty that God does in our lives, with that we start to be more Grateful of his Love and Grace.

 The more we see God in everything is the more we experience him.

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