Illustration by Eszter Balogh

On a  scale of 1-10, how desperate are you to encounter Jesus? if you heard that Jesus is in your city right now, what would you do? I’d imagine there would be chaos. People would drop everything and rush to meet him.

When word got out that Jesus would be in Jericho, a man by the name of Zacheus wanted to see him just like everyone else. But realizing his height disadvantage, he figured that in order to meet Jesus, he would have to go ahead and climb a tree. Ultimately his actions caught the attention of Jesus. That’s because he was desperate to meet him.

Bartemous, a blind man, lived in Jericho. When he learned that Jesus was nearby, he desperately cried out to him for assistance. The man was reprimanded by bystanders, but that didn’t stop him; in fact, he shouted louder. He was determined to get Jesus’ attention. Because of his plight, he eventually received his miracle.

How desperate are you for Jesus? Of course, we won’t hear that Jesus is in town, but you should interact with him in a spiritual sense just as you would if he was in town. We still have access to Jesus Christ, He is not dead. He is still speaking to us in the same way as he spoke to the blind man but we should enter the realm of the spirit to hear what he is saying to us.

There is courage in desperation, and you will only attract the Lord’s attention if you seek him desperately. So, do everything it takes to get Jesus’ attention—cry if you have to, yell, shout, sing. God sometimes places us in challenging circumstances to drive us to the brink of despair.

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