I was recently watching a Kanye West interview and something he said completely blew my
head. “I thought I was a god of culture, but in the end, I realized that culture was my
god because everything I did was for the culture,” he explained. This made me wonder:
what is culture and what does it have to do with being a god?
‘Culture’ can be thought of a collection of activities, beliefs, and artefacts that are
prominent or common in the society at any one time. The major driving factor behind
popular culture is mass appeal, which is created by the “culture industry,” as cultural
researcher Theodor Adorno puts it.
On the surface, Christianity and popular culture appear to have little in common. The
former is said to refer to the realm of ultimate purpose, transcendence, and that which
gives our lives structure and direction, whereas the latter is said to refer to the frivolous
things that amuse and entertain us. While the former ponders God, the latter gossips
about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith etc.
Pop culture, in my opinion, much like secularism atheism or naturalism is not a way of
rejecting religion, nor is it (merely) a default metaphysical assumption, rather l would say
it can actively compete as some sort of alternative to religion.
Some of the fundamentals of culture go against Christianity and many Christians are
attempting to stay up with the times, and in order to do so, they are sacrificing certain
fundamental Christian teachings. Sounds familiar, right? Yes, liberalism!

I don’t really know much about pop culture or the liberalism things but i do know it’s really hard for
us as Christians especially in these morden days which are being ruled by what’s trending, what’s hot
and what’s new (culture). We all want to stay ontop of things and these things keep on changing or
“modernising” as people would like to call it. To some extent, this is just the nature of humanity, we
evolve. Christanity on the other hand, never changes. It is what it was yesterday and it will remain
like that just like our God who never changes. There will never be new rules to guide our Christian
lives. The Bible has been there for ages now. It’s not supposed to change.
I believe that Christanity is also a type of culture that might seem demanding and backward for a
person who is really into what’s new. How i see it is that with these two things, Christian culture and
pop culture, you can never be neutral. The bible in Mathew6 verse 24 talks about how we can’t serve
two masters at the same time. Most of us are making choices through our deeds unknowingly
because we are undermining pop culture, just seeing it as what’s new when it’s much more. Another
type of master maybe.
Many trending things right now be it fashion, music, movies, gossips, most of these are against
Christian living. Christianity to me isn’t about going to church everyday, i believe your works speak for
you and even the bible emphasizes that what seperates a Christian from a non Christian are the
works. Sometimes we might be doing things because we think we just want to keep up with the time,
we are only humans after all and what’s wrong with knowing what’s hot this season but most of
these things are really against the Christian life. If we read our bible we will know, that most of these
things are rotten in the sight of the Lord.

Written by Kelvin and Natasha


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