Hope Of Glory

Lifelong wanderers seeking to uplift and strengthen one another's love for God while fulfilling our full potential on this incredibly diverse world.

Our Story

Anomaly , misfit and eccentric are probably some of the words used to describe many young Christian adults today. This is because our set of values and set of core beliefs fly in the face of what a lot of people resonate with. Growing up, l used to get discouraged by being always left out and sometimes l had to compromise my convictions so that l could fit in. But as l grew older , l figured its okay not to fit in and the bible tells us that we will be rejected by the world. I also discovered that there are a lot people like me ,who are unashamed of the gospel. So we thought we should create a platform that encourages those like us that our glory is coming. Our hope paints a vision of a generation defined not by societal pressures, but rather by something far better and worthwhile , the glory of God.

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In this introductory video Ruvarashe and Laurette share what The Hope fo Glory is all about. 

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We discuss what it is like to  build a relationship with God